"A five-fold increase in the number of web-hits in the management system.”

“One Operational Management System maintained in one repository containing 18 different quality certificates in multiple languages. “

“A 1.5 million USD reduction per year in direct operating costs of the management system”

“A 50 % reduction in people required to manage process and procedure documentation. “

“More than 200 external audit days per year resulting in just two findings – a 90% decrease in findings compared to the previous management system”

“Reduction in training lead time from 30 to 3 days when introducing an employee to a new work area. “

“10+ mill USD savings in annual maintenance fee by discontinuing more than 500 applications “

Illutas is a certified QualiWare Partner.

QualiWare was founded in Denmark in 1991 as a quality management and enterprise modelling software company with currently over 1,000,000 users in 40 countries.

The QualiWare toolset focuses on the following:

  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Digital Business
  • Business Process Management
  • Enterprise Architecture

The QualiWare platform covers the complete spectrum from strategy to technology at conceptual, logical and operational levels.

It can be used for a number of activities such as:

  • Risk and compliance management
  • Strategic options analysis
  • New business model introduction
  • Process and application landscape optimisation
  • Organisational modelling and optimisation
  • Infrastructure design
  • Risk analysis
  • Business rules management

A large number of industry-leading frameworks and methodologies have been incorporated into QualiWare, such as:

Additional functionalities include a web portal, governance workflows, web editor, change management and usage dashboards. QualiWare can either be implemented on-premise or accessed over the cloud.

Further information can be found in the Download section.

Illutas can perform the following QualiWare services:

  • Software sale or rental, either on-premise, a dedicated cloud solution, or a cloud solution that is managed by Illutas.
  • Installation, configuration and training, including integration with Active Directory, document management systems and intranet.
  • Change management – communication, feedback management and further development
  • Enterprise architecture consulting services – standards, processes and documentation
  • Enterprise architecture as a service – architecture support without investment in hardware, software or personnel

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Illutas uses, if appropriate, the QualiWare platform in all engagements and all customers will then have access to the platform during these engagements.


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