Making Digital Real. 

  • Competitive edge through digitalisation?
  • IT that brings value for money? 
  • Effective and flexible digital business process support?
  • High quality delivery processes and tools for digitalisation?
  • Robust and efficient digital operations? 

Illutas helps companies find the right answers these questions, quickly and efficiently.

Our approach is delivery-focused, structured and flexible and builds on extensive skills and a broad experience:

Digital Innovation

Illutas guides companies to leverage the latest digital technologies.

We remove confusion and add clarity to this often complex business environment with our innovative Information-as-an-asset (IA3) approach and create:

  • value by leveraging information
  • agility by liberating processes
  • opportunities by opening boundaries

Keywords: Internet of things, digitalisation, blockchain, enterprise agility. digital business platforms

SME business support

As the world becomes more digital, businesses require more and more digital knowhow to thrive and survive.

Illutas provides this know-how and supports companies in the delivery of high quality and high value IT strategy and management services, such as:

  • IT management-as-a-service
  • concrete project or business issue support.
  • Interim management

Keywords: CIO-as-a-Service, Digital Profiling, IT Strategy.

Enterprise Architecture

Good IT delivery needs good design supported by excellent tools. To deliver this, Illutas provides enterprise architecture services and is partner of QualiWare, a leading enterprise architecture management (EAM) software supplier. 

  • Enterprise architecture consulting
  • Software sales and implementation
  • QualiWare training and consultation

Keywords: Enterprise Architecture, QualiWare, Application Optimisation

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Customers and Partners



  • Inteqs


    Consulting services for Inteqs, provider of intelligent equipment services and solutions for the equipment pooling industry. Input into digital strategy, definition of IOT architecture and infrastructure options (Lorawan, NB-IOT, Sigfox), business information management platform and IT feasibility and costing of the business case.Read More »
  • Energy Transition Forum

    Energy Transition Forum

    Definition of the internet identity, as well as providing input on information management models for the energy transition forums.Read More »
  • Information-driven enterprise agility

    Information-driven enterprise agility

    Confidential client in the logistics and transport area.  Input into the digital strategy: consultancy and provision of information management models, based on information-driven enterprise agility. This incorporates a business management platform that sits on top of existing value chain, processes and infrastructure to provide agility and value-add coordination, management and …Read More »

Some facts about digitalisation


Google hits for "digitalis(z)ation"


% of companies that require more information on digitalisation


% of their IT budget spend on digitalisation


% of the IT budget goes to Business Intelligence as a top theme.

Source: Google, Gartner and IFS, November 2016 


The information-world is more and more complex

More and more complex information challenges:

⇒ The new digitalisation possibilities should be leveraged.

⇒ The benefits of technology should be improved, but the costs should be reduced. 

⇒ The reliance on IT reliability grows, set off against a more and more complex IT environment. 

Ensure business continuity?

Efficiently implement and leverage new technologies?

Understand, control and optimise the cost of IT?

Better results because of optimised information delivery?

The Illutas difference



Efficiency and quality

Illutas is a certified QualiWare partner und uses the leading QLM Enterprise Architecture platform for analysis and planning.


All project information, such as strategies, objectives, capabilities, processes and applications are captured and modelled in this platform. This allows a consistent high value analysis, accelerates the process and improves customer collaboration.

EA framework
Qualiware Platform


Flexibility and security

The highest priority is the achievement of rapid, targeted results. Illutas configures and combines the appropriate frameworks into a flexible delivery plan.


This plan is sectioned into self-sufficient delivery packages, with clearly defined scope, deliverables and agreed success criteria and costs. After a successful package delivery, the following packages can be adjusted as and when necessary.


Rigour and focus

Illutas uses a wide range of leading frameworks and methods to improve quality and speed up the analysis process.

The right frameworks and approach will be selected, based on the problem area and the improvement focus.



Illutas gets you on the right track. 

Our services:

IT Strategy Definition

Achieve new business objectives

A good IT strategy enables a flexible and efficient support of core business capabilities that are needed to achieve the business objectives. The strategy defines the target landscape, an achievable technology roadmap as well as an investment plan.

Risk and compliance management

Safeguarding the business

Businesses operate in an ever more complex environment where themes such as the GDPR Global Data Protection Regulation and cyber security have a profound impact on risk and information management. A clear information usage and process dependency analysis delivers a transparent risk map and a concise action plan to safeguard the business.

Products and services digitalisation

New products and services development

Products, markets and services are analysed on their respective digitalisation opportunities and potential roadmaps and customer journeys created.

Business Information Management

Better decisions through better insight

Business information is trapped inside the functional silos. An information analysis of the main KPIs and key capabilities forms the basis of a step-wise business intelligence approach, leading to a rapid insight into the organisational performance.

Operational cost optimisation

Improved process efficiency through better IT support

Many operational processes are inefficient or ineffective, often caused by insufficient or inaccurate information supply. An information-flow analysis identifies these information gaps and defines effective solutions.

IT cost management

Improved IT cost control

Analysis and design of the IT financial planning, including budgeting processes and evaluation of the IT finances.

Customer interaction optimisation

Improved turnover and costs

Analysis of the optimisation opportunities of the customer interaction processes and integration points. Creation of a multi-channel customer journey strategy, target process landscape, architecture and roadmap.

Further services

Interested in digital acceleration? Illutas gets you on track.

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