Illutas joins Global PMI Partners

Illutas is now an associated Partner of Global PMI Partners, a Merger and Acquisition specialist consultancy, “consulting differently” on integrations and separation. Illutas focuses on minimising impacts and maximising synergies of the information, process and technology consequences of joining or separating organisations. More information on Global PMI Partners here. 

Digitale Transformation Beratung für PostFinance

Wie so viele von ihren Kunden, untergeht auch die PostFinance eine Digitale Transformation. Seit über ein Jahr unterstützt Illutas diese Digitalisierung-Journey mit Beratung, Enterprise Architektur und Projekt Management Services. Zentral im Fokus steht dabei der Ansatz und Architektur für Kunden-Auftragsmanagement, damit Kunden eine reibungslose Customer Journey erleben können.  In verschiedenen

Illutas mentors Hospitality Tech Startups

Illutas provides business and IT strategy mentoring and consulting services to Hospitality Tech Start-Ups as part of the Metro Accelerator Program . The 10 very diverse and international start-ups in the current program covered wide-ranging topics from robotics to AI assistants to streamlining the IT support provided to the hotel industry.

Illutas supports Mercy Ships

Illutas is proud and happy to support Mercy Ships Switzerland with IT consulting services. Mercy Ships was founded in Lausanne in 1978 and provides medical care through hospital ships to the poorest of the poor through healthcare services, life-changing operations and capacity building programs. Mercy Ships has worked in more than

Innervation: get your corporate start-up going

The message to “Innovate or Die” is coming through strong and clear. Digital developments and competitive pressures drive many companies to look at ways to reinvent themselves and their products. But key corporate trademarks, such as economies of scale, efficiency and homogeneity, do not lend themselves easily to agile mindsets

Illutas supports the Energy Transition Forum

The Energy Transition Forum is a transatlantic multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit, forum with the objective “to understand, discuss and act on the energy transition to a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy system”. Illutas has recently provided the Energy Transition Forum with services around  internet identity consulting as well as providing information management model

Illutas partners with Inteqs

Illutas GmbH is providing consultancy services to INTEQS to assist in the development of an IOT-based equipment pooling solution, using our expertise in digitalisation, cloud-based business applications and the  “Enterprise Agility”  and “Information-as-an-Asset” (IA³) approach. IA³ was developed by Illutas to design and operate information-based value chains. It focuses on the correlation