Illutas supports the Energy Transition Forum

The Energy Transition Forum is a transatlantic multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit, forum with the objective “to understand, discuss and act on the energy transition to a secure, affordable and low-carbon energy system”. Illutas has recently provided the Energy Transition Forum with services around  internet identity consulting as well as providing information management model

Illutas partners with Inteqs

Illutas GmbH is providing consultancy services to INTEQS to assist in the development of an IOT-based equipment pooling solution, using our expertise in digitalisation, cloud-based business applications and the  “Enterprise Agility”  and “Information-as-an-Asset” (IA³) approach. IA³ was developed by Illutas to design and operate information-based value chains. It focuses on the correlation

Illutas Innovation Briefing 1 – Enterprise Agility

Keywords: #digitalisation, #information-driven agility, #smart enterprise,#value chain The following is blog #1 in a series of Illutas innovation briefings: short, to the point explanations of innovative concepts, ideas and solutions around information management. Please contact us on info@illutas.com if you would like to know more.  Background Next to resources, labour

DigiProfiling – differentiate your digital strategy

Differentiate your digital strategy Digitalisation features in many headlines and fills up conferences and blogs. Whilst the challenges and opportunities posed by these new technologies are worthy of research, the very innovative nature of these developments makes them difficult to assess. The DigiProfiler allows companies to take stock of their

Digitalisation 101: a practical guide to #DigiShift

As published on LinkedIn Pulse Like all major changes, digitalisation comes with opportunities as wells as risks and challenges. This article describes how to create an effective and workable digital strategy, based on your business strategy and capabilities. Digitalisation is riding a wave of popularity. Daily blogs are telling us