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Illutas GmbH was founded in 2016 to assist companies in their IT challenges. Illutas delivers tailored IT strategy and management services, complete with approaches, methods and tools.

Our approach is not focused on the delivery of technology solutions, but on the solving of business problems through the right use of information. Efficiency, simplicity and transparency are key in the delivery of our services as well as the solutions we propose.

Information Technology changes a lot, and these changes often offer opportunities. The underlying business principles, however, are mostly not affected. This makes it difficult sometimes, to recognise the right opportunities and to take advantage of these in an economically sensible way.

Illutas gets you on the right track


Thomas Maes

Thomas Maes has more than 25 years of international business and IT management experience. He has built up this experience in a broad range of companies, industries and positions. He has occupied himself with the complete IT lifecycle from requirements management and development to testing and operation, but also from strategy and organisation to process and standards management.

He has experience in these activities as an industrial “end-user”, as well as a senior consultant with companies such as Deloitte, KPMG and Andersen.

Some of his experience areas are:

  • Business and IT strategy development
  • Enterprise architecture
  • Product and services strategy development
  • IT finance and investment management
  • IT management and organisational development
  • Information management
  • Security management and business continuity

Industry and project experience

Some examples of previous industry and project experience: 

Industry experience

Hotel and travel industry

Design and implementation of e-commerce, reporting, direct marketing, loyalty and customer management for customers such as MyTravel, Kempinski Hotels (Deutschland), Dorchester Hotel Group, Savoy Hotel London, Ritz Hotel London, Rotana Hotels, The Stein Group, Jurys Doyle and Millennium & Copthorne. More information: 

Logistics, Retail & FMCG industry

Strategy and implementation of logistics, retail management, reporting and other solutions for companies such as Unilever, Mölnlycke, Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Albert Heijn, Biltema, Diageo and Guinness World Records.

Engineering, Energy & Manaufacturing

Business process management, integration, master data management and other solutions for companies such as Alstom and the National Grid.

Telecoms, utilities and government

Portfolio management, strategy und process improvement projects for companies such as Swisscom, Virgin Mobile, Royal Mail and VROM (Department for spatial planning and environment)

Project Experience

Reporting and guest information solution.

Reporting and guest information management solution.

Reporting and performance management application.

Direct marketing and guest loyalty management solution.

Reporting and direct marketing system and processes.

Design and implementation of a guest loyalty management system

Invention of the company name, logo design as well as development of the consulting approach.

New product strategy development, based on software rental, cloud hosting and agile implementation.

Design and delivery of a new warehouse management system for a greenfield collaborative distribution centre.

New digital value stream development to compensate for the decline in physical book publications.

Sea and Rocks

Our philosophy

The Illutas principles and approach are derived from these experiences, industries and roles.

This experience shows that simple solutions, that have been aligned with people, their motivations and their processes, and that are delivered in clear, value-adding steps, often work best.  And well defined, focused information management plays a key role in these solutions.

This is supported by a clean IT investment strategy, ensuring that the right money is spend on the right investments, and efficient and effective procurement, development and operation of IT.

Illutas addresses these issues in a structured approach, so that our customers can find rapid, structural and long term solutions for these challenges.